Dubai property investments with
Minimum investment
amount: from $250’000
6 to 15 % per annum
Interest-free property transactions tax
Interest-free property transactions tax
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Dubai property yield
Over the past 2 years, the average property price in Dubai has increased by 8.5-23 %, depending on its type and status
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5 to 8 % per annum
- long term lease yield
8 to 12 % per annum
- short term lease yield
The catalog “TOP 10 Dubai properties that will bring up to 12% per year on rent”
Dubai property investment safety
Why is it profitable to invest in Dubai property?
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Stable economic situation
Today, the UAE’s share of income from the oil sector is less than 30 %. GDP grows steadily.

The UAE government is moving away from oil dependence in favor of tourism, innovative technologies, trade and consumer services.
Escrow account
A bank instrument that protects all buyers and investors. It gives confidence that the developer will finish its work on time.
Protection of capital from sanctions
The UAE does not impose sanctions on any countries
High ratings
According to the UBS Group AG 2022 Ratings, Dubai is the only city with a positive outlook for the development of the property market.
Affordable high comfort housing
Loyal real state purchasing conditions, affordable mortgage and interest-free installments - both before and after handover.
Soft tax regime
Interest-free income tax on property transactions.
Increase in the population
Interest-free income tax on property transactions.
Examples of property in Dubai you can acquire after the object
Dubai property investments with LunaMars
LUNAMARS Group of Companies and InTrast Agency - official partners of Dubai top developers
Licensed property agency in Dubai
2023 sales exceeding $ 74 mln
Over the past 3 months, 66 transactions totaling to more than $ 36 million have been completed
- a guarantee of maximum yield and security
Found IntrustAgency, an official partner of Dubai top developers.
Created and develops the LunaMars EcoSystem Property Project.
Launched a platform for instant payments to property agents in the UAE: agents receive 80 % of the developer commission in 1-5 days, rather than 50 % in 4 months.
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70% per annum?
Why do investors from all over the world choose Dubai?
The catalog “TOP 10 Dubai properties that will bring up to 12% per year on rent”
0% installment plan for up to 3-4 years.

0% property transaction tax

6-15% annual yield - property returns

Capital protection from sanctions and inflation risks